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Game Day Info


You should have a copy of the league rules for the league in which your team is playing.  Be familiar with these rules.  Pay particular attention to where the league requires the parent and teams to reside during a game.

Sometime prior to your game contact the opposing coach/manager confirming the game time, field location, field directions and jersey colors.

Items needed(ref will ask to see):

Player/Coach Passes (coaches pass may be held during the game by the ref)

Lineup sheet (roster or lineup sheet depending on league)

½ the ref money

Items you should have that the ref may not ask for:

Copy of stamped roster

Medical release forms for all players

Contact info for opposing coach (email & phone #’s)

Contact Info for CSA officers (Travel Coordinator, League delegate and Field Assignor)

INCLEMENT WEATHER (Coventry Soccer Policy):

Only the Travel coordinator or Field assignor can officially cancel games.

      If you want to recommend canceling a game(s) call Travel Coordinator/League Delegate/Field Assignor

Reasons for canceling games:

1.      safety(either lightning or unplayable field conditions)

2.      maintaining field integrity will be part of the decision

Just because it is raining does not mean games will be cancelled

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