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U10 Program Details

U10 Intramural Program This program meets for a 60 minute practice once a week and one game each weekend, for approximately eight sessions in the fall and spring seasons. The Club Registrar and Under 10 Age Group Coordinator form mixed gender teams or all female teams of ten to twelve players (8 & 9 year olds) each season, based on age, and experience. The games (with goalies) are 7 vs. 7, and are played against similarly formed teams from surrounding clubs (20 miles or less away). Opposing coaches are to be on opposite sides of the field with their team and behind the touchline(sideline) during play. Score reporting or reporting of team records is neither appropriate nor supported for this program.


The program goals are;
1. Understanding soccer rules/game
2. Ball control
3. Attack and Defense
4. Positional play basics
5. Team play basics

The FIFA laws of the game, with the following exceptions,shall govern the Under 10 age group along with the recommendations as suggested by the USYSA parent & coach primer.

Practices:  1 hour - 90 minutes per week (based on field availability each season).  Practices days are Monday through Friday.  Please make sure you indicate, during your players registration, which day(s) he/she is available for evening week day practices.  Teams are determined with this availability in mind. 

Field:  Field dimensions are 70 yards by 40 yards maximum. 

Players:  All players are to play a minimum of one-half of every game All players are to have game experience in all positions All players not in the game are to remain outside the touchline (sideline). 

Ball:  we play with a size 4 ball.  It is recommended that each player bring a ball with them to practice.

Duration of Game:  Two halves of 25 minutes each, with 5 minutes between halves 

Substitutions:  For injuries, before goal kicks (either team),after goals (either team), before a throw-in (team with possession) 

Offsides:  Offsides is applicable FOULS & MISCONDUCT Referee is to explain all infractions to the players Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players and fans FREE KICKS Players must yield 8 yards on free kicks
Equipment:  Every player must have shin guards on and soccer cleats.  Socks are provided by the league, however we recommend purchasing a pair for practices.   No jewelry or hooded clothing, pants or socks must cover hard plastic faced shin guards. Shin guards MUST be worn under long socks.  Cleats cannot be metal and cannot have a toe cleat.

Jersey:  In the registration process you will need to indicate what size jersey your child will need. Each team will receive a different color jersey to wear for the season.   

Parents are responsible for the conduct of their child while on property.  The nets are portable and no child should hang on the nets or bars.

Lessons Learned:  
* By the end of September and beginning of the spring season, it can get cold in the early am. Dress your child in layers. I have found it successful to wear an UnderArmour type shirt under the jersey and have a pair of knit gloves and hoodie around. There are no regulations on the pants or shorts. So wear what feels comfortable but make sure the waist is snug and the length is not too long (to avoid tripping). 
* The kids need shin guards and recommend they bring a ball each game so they have one to use during that first 10 minute practice. 
* Bring a drink for your child to utilize during the game. 
* For spectators... bring your chairs and blankets. On the colder days the kids that are not playing can usually be found snug in their chair under a blanket. The ground  is especially dewy (is that a word?) during the early morning hour games. If you have a blanket that has a water resistant side bring that in case your player (or other  family members) wanted to sit on the ground and watch.
* Please remember only Coventry Soccer CLEARED VOLUNTEERS are allowed on the "Team Side".  All spectators and siblings not playing must sit on the opposite side of the field from  the team. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding. 

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