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Code of Conduct


Coventry Soccer Travel Team
Code of Conduct for Parents and Players

Parents, players and coaches are required to follow the team’s code of conduct.  Major violations may result in a variety of consequences, including player suspension and parental bans.  Any such action will be decided by the officers of Coventry Soccer after hearing from all sides of the situation.  Coaches are responsible for their players and for controlling their sidelines.  Disruptive parents who do not follow coach’s instructions may cause the coach to be red-carded, the game forfeited, or the game abandoned by the referee.

Any issues regarding the Code of Conduct should be discussed with the Head Coach.  If situation is such that the Coach has not adequately addressed the situation, contact the Travel Coordinator(contact info on CSA website).

 Code of Conduct for Players

1.  Learn and observe the game rules.

2.  Treat other players as you wish to be treated - do not abuse or ridicule other players, officials, coaches or spectators. 

3.  Play clean and fair. Use your skill and talent. Don’t cheat.

4.  Listen to your coaches and accept their advice with respect.

5.  Respect referees and linemen - do not question their decisions.

6.  Win with grace and lose with dignity.  You, the team, and Coventry Soccer will be judged by your behavior.

7.  Respect the property and equipment of Coventry Soccer.

8.  Any misconduct on your part may result in disciplinary action.

Code of Conduct for Parents

1.  Never ridicule or yell at your child or another participant for making a mistake losing a competition.

2.  Never badger the opposition or argue with their supporters.  Be appreciative of good play from both sides.

3.  Never question the official’s judgment or honesty.

4.  Realize that the Coach and/or the team can be penalized for your misconduct (or a guest of yours). If required, you must obey a request by an official or coach to leave the       vicinity of the field.

5.  Any misconduct on your part (or a guest of yours) may result in disciplinary action.

6.  Show respect and appreciation for the volunteer coaches who give their time for the benefit of your child.  If you have a question, concern or criticism, share it with the coaches.

7.  Do not give instructions to players - that is the coach's role.

8.  Do not interrupt a coach during a game or practice to resolve troublesome issues. Discuss these issues privately and discreetly with the coach and if this is not prudent or satisfactory, contact the travel coordinator.

9.  Make sure that your child arrives for scheduled games and practices at the time designated by the coach.

10. Inform the coach of any injury or physical disability that may affect the safety of your child or other children.

11. At all times, support all players on the team.

12. Encourage your child to play by the rules and to resolve conflicts without    resorting to hostility, intimidation or violence.

13. Support the team and club by volunteering your services when needed.  The only reason your child can play soccer is because of volunteers.

We, the undersigned, have read, understand and agree to abide by the above guidelines.  We agree to accept actions taken for failure to abide by these guidelines.

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